Bronze Caps

Introduction to Bronze CAPS


Bronze is the first level of achievement within the CAPS scheme.


Its focus is on clubs achieving a set of core criteria which ensure that they operate to a set of consistent, accepted and adopted minimum operating standards.


Bronze CAPS is aligned to Sport England Clubmark so when you achieve this you also achieve Clubmark at the same time.


Bronze CAPS consists of four sections which are:

  • The Playing Programme
  • Duty of Care and Welfare
  • Knowing Your Club and its Community
  • Club Management


The different sections are designed to ensure that clubs meet standards across all areas of junior club development with particular emphasis on ensuring clubs are active and accessible.


As a club you need to complete the assessment form and provide the evidence listed in the evidence check list. Guidance Notes are supplied in a separate document to help you with the requirements and to provide you with further information on why certain things have to be provided and where to access courses that needed to be attended in order to achieve the criteria.

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